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Chia Seed Testimonials

What People Are Saying about Equine Chia as a Natural, Nutritional Supplement

I want to share what EquineChia has done for my horse. For those of you that know me personally, you may have noticed my horse, FelinasLadyMohawk, was refusing to go into the gate at her first barrel race of Futurity Year. She increasing became worse to the point of completely refusing the pattern. Guessing she had ulcers, I was told to put her on the product Omeprazole. (expensive pharmaceutical ulcer healing product). 

I prefer to take the natural route when feeding my horses, so I DID NOT put my horse on Omeprazole. Instead, I took the time on my 3 week vacation to research ulcer preventative solutions. I looked into all of the benefits of EquineChia. To find a product that does many things for a reasonable price, AMAZING!! 

1. Ratio of 3:1 Omega 3 to 6
2. Ulcer Preventative
3. Sand Clear & Fiber
4. Contains all 8 Essential Amino Acids for 19-23% protein content
5. Antioxidants
and many more!

After two months on EquineChia, you can see the huge difference in FelinasLadyMohawk. She is eager and happy to enter the arena and run! I believe EquineChia is an essential ingredient to all of my horses health. If you are having the same problems as I once did or would like to prevent this problem from occurring in the future, I highly suggest trying EquineChia.

—Dreux LaVelle Clark, via email
Owner: Chasing Time Performance Horses, LLC

“My horses LOVE your chia!"
—Liz, via email

"My horse loves your Chia and his hair looks great."
—Nina, via email

"Happy New Year to all of you at Equine Chia! I thought my horses were healthy before chia. Now I know they were missing something that chia provides. The 20 and 25-yr-old are off their joint supplement and all are glowing with energy and glossy winter coats. We are all very happy. Thank you!!"
—Joyce (via email), with Brandy, Quincy, and Siara

I’ve been feeding EquineChia for 6 weeks. My husband's filly has no trouble with her gastric ulcer since being on EquineChia. Took my 3 y.o. Gelding off all grain due to minor founder as a result of a virus and he is still maintaining great condition with EquineChia and other natural supplements. Great product! Will continue to use it...All organic being another bonus.
— Tracey Huenerberg, (via Facebook)

Use it. Love it! I am converted to EquineChia for horses.
—Kristy Shaddick, via Facebook

"Started my daughters two rodeo horses on EquineChia on the 31st...only 11 days and already see a difference in their manes & tails…shinier and silkier! Also see a difference in 17-year-old barrel mare's movement. She acts like her joints are feeling better. Thank you EquineChia!!"
—Grace Moore, and her horses Gunner & Lil Sue, via FaceBook.

I put my 20 year-old mare, Luna, on EquineChia last August 2010. She suffered lameness typically associated with aging joints: stocking up, stiffness, some days too "off" to be ridden. For several years I had supplemented her diet with Glucosamine / Chondroitin / MSM. Before or after exercise I gave her Phenylbutazone (bute). Her original career of advanced-level eventing, had slowly devolved to use as a school horse for novice riders, jumping 2'6". After about a month on EquineChia, she was striding out of her stall, no swelling or stiffness, with a look in her eye I had not seen in some time. She won a Jumper Championship in September at 3'3"--winning 3 out of 3 classes at a large show! She also excelled at Fox Hunting at Myopia Mass.--jumping all the fences in the first field for over two hours. NO BUTE before or after, no lameness, no ill effects. One thing for sure, I am not willing to take her off EquineChia! Thank you!
—Sue, Vermont

"We have a 10 yr. old TWH/SB that started 'stocking-up' last winter. She'd never had trouble before, and was fine as long as we could keep her outside. We were therefore concerned about having to bring her back inside this year. Sure enough, she started 'stocking up' again. I ordered EquineChia and after only one packet, the swelling was gone. She's only had four packets now, and still no stiffness, no gimping to the arena for exercise, no swelling at all. Thank you!!!!! I am so grateful!!!"
Pauqel Incari, Oregon

"I love your product! I originally bought EquineChia for sand-clearing benefits because my picky Thoroughbred will not eat anything with psyllium in it. Now my other two horses are benefiting in other ways too. My spotted draft has reduced inflammation and laminitis. My Quarter-horse cross has a remarkably smooth, soft coat. The 24-day challenge works! Thanks for a wonderful product. I feel so much better giving my horses a product for sand clearing-that helps them in SO many other ways.
Cindy, Washington

"I'm so very impressed with EquineChia! I have a rescue horse, a Thoroughbred with many issues including ulcers and stifle problems. I put him on EquineChia seeds Within a few weeks, his moods completely turned around. He became a loving, wonderful horse. When I got him I could not approach him. He would try to attack me, biting and turning to kick. All along he was trying to tell me about his stomach problems. After searching for months on what to do naturally, I found your company.  I am in the natural health profession and feel strongly that there are natural cures. On three different occasions, I ran out of EquineChia and after a few weeks his behavior went back to the way it was when I first got him. After three times of this, I am convinced EquineChia is the proven answer.  I plan to never run out again. Thank you!  All the best."
Jenna in  So. California

"Quite simply the finest supplement we have ever used! Of course we love her shine and her mane and tail. She colicked every year during the weed season except the last two. The only change has been CHIA SEED. We love it and thanks!"
—The Charlesworth's, Casa Grande, Arizona

"I have been feeding Chia Seed for about 6 weeks now. My ulcer horse is so much less girthy!!! Nothing else has helped until Chia. :-) I have recommended your product to anyone I know who mentions flax seed!
—Heather Pellegrini, Hopkinton, Massachusetts 

"I have four horses. One is 20-years-old and has had navicular syndrome for 12 years. She is currently retired on pain management as needed, which is often. I have two others that are very picky eaters and won’t eat any grain containing psyllium products or any product currently on the market for sand colic. Due to plenty of grass I don’t feed grain during the summer which further complicates feeding supplements. I needed a product I can feed by itself that picky eaters will eat! Since starting Chia Seeds about a month and a half ago, my horse with navicular has been noticeably more comfortable and not needing pain medications nearly as often. She has even completed her farrier appointments without pain medications which is a huge improvement because she usually has to have something to help her stand while the farrier trims her. My picky eaters are eating the seeds straight out of the bucket and come running when they see the white bucket—just like they do when I feed them, with grain, during the winter. All four horses have beautiful shiny coats."
—Lisa Parkhurst, Richmond, Virginia

"I just finished my 24-Day Challenge. Within 3 days of putting my 19 year-old AQHA/APHA gelding on Equine Chia he has normal manure. He also would not eat psyllium and he loves the Equine Chia Seed! Thanks Equine Chia!"
—Horse Owner, California

"My 25-year-old quarter horse gelding developed diarrhea after a long winter. Previously he had been in excellent health. The veterinarian and I worked on it for three months. I started giving him CHIA SEED in water and it worked! When I tried to wean him to Chia Seed three days a week, his diarrehea started again. I know he would be dead today if I had not worked hard to find a way to help him. CHIA SEED is remarkable!
—Horse Owner and Chia Believer

"The whole farm is on Chia seed! All the horses are cleaning up Chia—even the ones on pellet type feed. We notice licking of buckets and tubs, from horses that do not normally do this. We are now taking Chia seed (personally) too! We dumped our fish oil supplements. I take Chia every day and can tell a difference when I miss.

 As for my "fish-oil poisoned" horse:  He is recovering from enterocolitis. I truly believe that the Chia we put him on made a difference. There are protective properties in the Chia to his GI (gastro-intestinal) system that have helped immensely, same as for me. Chia is also keeping his weight up while his GI system heals. He is on the maximum Chia (4 oz. serving) twice a day.

 I have another stallion with a chronic shoulder fracture and wanted him on a joint supplement, but never could get him to eat any supplement. He eats ALL the chia and licks the feed tub! This is a horse that will pick daily wormer pellet out of his feed or won't touch the feed, pickiest eater I have ever had. He loves Chia!  And, he is running around a lot, not showing his usually gimpy moments. He’s ready to ride again!"
 —A.D., Horse Owner and Veterinarian, Maryland

"Dieting, obese and Insulin-Resistant (IR) horses are hard to feed—they get fat easily and are constantly hungry—but Chia makes an amazing result in keeping them from having those blood sugar spikes and lows that cause them to eat their stalls! Insulin-Resistant horses are becoming common, I think (or maybe people are just figuring out what it is) and it's a market hungry for solutions that make horses more comfortable, since diet, strict and bland, is the only way to really control it. Chia makes that a million times easier. Good job!

Hershey is a rescue horse that arrived very malnourished in June. Just 4 weeks later he looks like a different horse—remarkable! Chia was instrumental in his recovery.”
—Casey, The Golden Carrot Horse Rescue

"Chia is terrific!  I am very happy with how my horses are doing on it.  I'm up to 1/2 cup daily each, and its a perfect amount! Our horses are enjoying Chia and we see multi-fold benefits of improved digestion, healthier coats and stability. I especially like that Chia is completely natural, organic with no processing."

—Sarah, Vogeley Lusitanos, Virginia

"I love the way our horses come through the winter with Chia added to their rations. It helps immensely with emaciated horses. They need the very best to come back to life. Chia is by far the finest to get them started. Recovery is faster. Chia is the best for maintenance and sustaining whole health. We use it for rescue and for our personal horses also. There is nothing better to supply essential oils and aid digestion for a healthy tract in old and young horses. Wonderful product. We can't live without it!"
— Nadine, Project Spirit Horse Rescue and Rehab, Oregon

"We have picky eaters and they clean up Chia eagerly. Adds shine to all the horses coats. We live in a desert with dry ground and haven't had any sand problems since feeding Chia. We've eliminated expensive psyllium and messy oils. Chia is easy to store and so easy to feed as a top-dressing."
— Sharon, Oregon horse ranch

"All the nutritional benefits of Chia, especially regarding the issues of sand and omega 3's, are the whole reason for feeding it. We have many horses with EMS (Equine Metabolic Syndrome), the equine version of diabetes and the cause of most founders as circulation to the hoof is impaired. I know the benefits of Chia for regaining and maintaining total health in horses. We have people from all around the world that visit our forum and Chia is one our topics. Chia is a more economical choice with the same benefits of other products. "
— Crystal, For Love of The Horse, Northern California